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Shock-A-Go-Go is a premiere film festival that showcases: Horror, Sci-Fi, Cult, and Exploitation genres.

About Us!

Shock-A-Go-Go is a premiere festival that showcases: Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Cult, Exploitation, Grindhouse, Arthouse, Eurotrash, Gross-out, Mondo, Shock-u-mentary, Black comedy, experimental, and gore films.

Held once a year in Los Angeles since 2001, Shock-A-Go-Go has moved this year’s festival to Art Theatre Long Beach! Our past festival has included guests such as: Roger Corman, Ted V. Mikels, David F. Friedman, Joel M. Reed, Mark Pirro, Stuart Gordon, Richard Elfman, Jack Hill, Mary Woronov, and Michael Berryman. It’s featured films such as: Blood Feast 2, Bloodsucking Freaks, Nightbreed, Faster Pussycat Kill Kill, The Scavengers, I Spit on Your Grave, Spider Baby, Doll Squad, Curse of the Queerwolf, and many more.

Our festival runs all day and contains a segment fo shorts that spotlight many up and coming genre-filmmakers.

We are now accepting submissions on FilmFreeway!


This year, we will open our festival with a marathon of screenings at Art Theatre Long Beach. You can expect guest speakers with Q&A panels, a shorts segment, and a feature films segment. Each of these will have categories that spotlight animations, women, and BIPOC filmmakers.

We encourage filmmakers of all levels to submit to our festival, and we welcome as many submissions as you’d like. Please keep in mind, that if your film is selected, and it was submitted to different categories, it will only play in one.

Date & Location

Date: October 21, 2021

Location: Art Theatre Long Beach

Address: 2025 E 4th St, Long Beach, CA 90814

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Some of our past sponsors include: Anchor Bay, E.I. Indepedent Cinema, Alpha Blue Archives, Cult Epics, Fantoma, Something Weird Video, Manic Panic, Troma Entertainment, Blue Underground, RESearch, Media Blasters, Permission Magazine, and Dark Sky Films.